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    Spoken In Jakarta

    We recognize that every region in the world has different language. This can be prove it while traveling. At each destination you have to make communication with local people and also interact with a fellow traveler. They come from different backgrounds and bring their own language.

    A site called Ethnologue recently recorded and documented a variety of languages ​​in worldwide. Based on data from the site there are 5 cities in the world with most languages, including our nation's capital of Jakarta. No wonder if Jakarta is like a big bowl of various languages ​​from people who live in whose coming throughout the region.

    Jakarta has 700 Languages

    We can say that the comers in Jakarta have double number than the native population. It can be seen in moments of religious holidays where most migrants return home and left the city in dull. On a normal day the people who come from various ethnic groups in Indonesia come together with the common goal of earning a better living of life.

    Jakarta is like sugar ants that invites many to come. With the lure of success every person coming to the capital to make their dream come true. This phenomenon is also contributing to the occurrence of an acculturation. According to the Ethnologue site in Jakarta, there are 700 different languages ​​are spoken here.

    Indeed, most of the people who come to Jakarta speak Bahasa Indonesia, but not infrequently they still use their regional language. Residents from various ethnic groups in Indonesia's then interact with each other and there was a mixing of cultures or acculturation.

    Moreover, the youngsters in Jakarta are also speak in their own Jakarta Style and become one of Indonesia's pop cultures during times. We can say that Jakarta is like a huge salad bowl that contain a lot of languages from any region, and even create one new style in culture.

    Indonesia Welcoming The World

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    welcome to Jakarta dude

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