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    Never Had Enough About Ubud

    Since Ubud is relatively small, you can explore the town on foot or hire a bicycle or motorbike. Bear in mind that as this is hilly terrain, so do ask locals first which places are easier explored on foot, by bicycle, motorbike or by car.

    Get There

    Various modes of transport are available from all over Bali. If you decide to visit Ubud directly from the airport, you can hire prepaid cabs but the fee may be quite hefty. You can also take regular taxis or rental cars. Public transportation such as buses can also take you to Ubud.
    Indonesia Welcoming The World

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    Wow...i am looking for more Ubud posts here. My family is coming in the next 2 months and thinking whether to get a tour for Ubud seprately...is it really this greeny? I have so many blogs today that I am so amased by their photos and i cannot tell which are real lol.

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