As one of the most secluded spots on our list so far (it isnít even on google maps!), the only visitors to Pantai Dadap Ayam are the local residents in search of beach vegetation such as the Dadap Ayam herb and seaweed that grow on its concave-shaped rocks.

Resembling Padang Padang Beach in Bali, the Pantai Dadap Ayam is a gallery of odd-looking coral stones with overgrown algae and seaweed. Make sure to take extra caution as they might be either sharp or slippery.

If you donít like the sun, youíll love the shade under the rock canopies that line the beach.

Bring a mat and enjoy a picnic on this secret patch of the beach Ė itís so quiet that the calming winds will definitely seduce you to an afternoon nap.

Hurry though, a paved road heading towards the Pantai Dadap Ayam is currently being constructed. So although this means you wonít scramble through several bushes and paddy fields, many others may think the same way too.

Location: Desa Kanigoro, Saptosari, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta
Getting There: From Yogyakarta, head towards Wonosari, and then drive in the direction of Paliyan, Trowono and you will reach Pantai Ngobaran. Park your vehicle at Pantai Ngobaranís parking lot and follow the pathway towards Pantai Dadap Ayam on foot.