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    Pangumbahan Turtle Park, Sukabumi

    Pangumbahan Turtle Park is located in Cibuaya, Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. Pangumbahan Turtle Park is a beeding turtle park managed by local government and is one of the largest breeding parks in Indonesia.

    This breeding turtle is located in a very beautiful beach with powder sand, clean and when sun sets, the sky is like a beautiful painting. You値l be amazed with the beauty of this virgin nature. Around 4 pm, turtle kids, 4 months old, are released into the sea. The unique thing about this turtle habit is that they値l be back in adulthood laying on the same beach where they were released. Around 7 pm o団lock in the evening, you値l see the adult turtle lay their eggs. It turned out the turtle is afraid of light and humans.

    So, when she will lay eggs, it is highly guarded by the beeding park officers there. Even though visitors may see the turtle lay eggs, guards still have make sure that the turtle had been in a comfortable position for laying. Visitors are also prohibited from carrying a flashlight or an object that emits light like a camera. So, it is advisable to take photos at the time the turtle has finished laying. The eggs that she could give up to hundreds and will be taken by the officer to be breeded in a safe place. Along the Pangumbahan coast, turtles lay their eggs in a regular basis. Turtle in this place in are categorized as rare animals with the average size of 105 cm and weight of 100 kg. This is the biggest turtle i have seen. Not only large, this turtle also has beautiful greenish color, so called green turtle (chelonia mydas).

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