Group of islands in Sinjai regency is one of the loveliest in South Sulawesi. Of the nine islands, there is one of uninhabited islands, Pulau Larea - rea. The diameter of mainland new Larea - rea is only approximately 10 meters. With this comprehensive, can only accommodate one housing unit stage. Although uninhabited, but it does not mean that Larea - rea is not dazzling.

In fact since last month, tens or even hundreds of people from different places come to just spend the weekend at this place. There is a dip in the clear water, playing on a clean white sand, to take pictures selfie and groufie with background nine islands. For the best spot, Island Larea - rea should be recommended.

Access to the island is very easy. At the port, Kel . Lappa, has many charter boats that available. The fares vary between 200 thousand to 400 thousand. It takes just take 1 hour for wooden boats, and 15 minutes by speed boat or a fast boat, to arrive on the island Larea - rea.