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    Menganti Beach, A Relaxing Spot in Kebumen

    The beach is located in the village Menganti Karangduwur, Ayah sub-district, Kebumen. Located approximately 40km from the district. Menganti beach can be reached by motor vehicle. But rather suggested to use a motorcycle , do not use cars or buses. And motorcycles are in use even if it could be in a state of very excellent in because the terrain is still very difficult to be passed.

    There are two routes that can be searchers went through, the first if the travellers is in Gombong, they could take a direction to Puring, turn right toward the beach suwuk and dolanjutkan towards the beach Menganti by passing through a pretty challenging because it is full tingkungan sharp incline steep. If searchers choose this route distance is only 38 kilometers away. And the second is to have a longer distance.

    The distance is around 45km and takes about 1.5 hours. From Gombong, the travellers will get the westward to the coast loegending and select track to rise toward the Menganti Beach.But with such a difficult journey during and mischievous paid in full if it had reached Menganti Beach. White sand in combined with the blue water and surrounded by green hills and cliffs towering nature would make the travellers amazed and comfortable to play around at this location.

    The travellers can also have a mingle with the daily local fishermen were very understated. Papa fishing is usually sitting in their boats during the day, and will go to sea at dusk. The travellers will get the exotic, and stunning by go up to the mountain on the east side coast . This hilltop also found a 20meter height of lighthouse which was founded in the Netherlands in 1912-1915. In this location, travellers can enjoy throughout the coastal region with the contours of the cliff that stretches and in the mix of blue water ocean.

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    looking nice images

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