Mount Rinjani ( 3726 masl ) is located on the island of Lombok - NTB. This mountain is the second highest volcano in Indonesia , and has a lake called Segara Chicks . Rinjani peak can be reached via two paths, namely Sembalun and Senaru path . Sembalun these rather long but flat , and the weather is hot because through the blazing savanna.

For hikers who want to enjoy the new first peak down to the lake Segara Chicks are suggested depart via routes Sembalun and down through the route Senaru . And vice versa if you want to enjoy the lake Segara Chicks then peak at the recommended leaving the route SENARU new first down through the route Sembalun . This is because these Senaru closer to the lake Segara Chicks , and if we go through these SENARU then we will meet the lake Segara Chicks beforehand.

The trip to Plawangan Sembalun it must pass nine grueling steep hill to climb. They say that the amount of the hill there 7. Regrets Hill Named for the ramp - traversed steep climbs like endless. The climbers will always hope that the hilltop was being viewed is the last hill before arriving at Plawangan . However, it turns behind the hill there's more other higher hills, and so on. Usually, at this point the climbers began to feel the uncertainty and regret. Forward riding , stamina has been depleted . Wants fell back again to Pos 3 , the distance was too far.

Ascent begins from the village Sembalun mace at an altitude ( 1,065 meters above sea level ) . Before the hike we had to report on the post of national parks . Here also there inn to rest as Pondok Sembalun . From the highway gate ascent immediately visible and there is a statue beside the gate of a large onion . This might be because this area is a producer of onions in Lombok. Along this point we are just passing through pastures ascending and descending occasionally cross the dry times as well as some of the mountain pine ( casuarina junghuhniana )
Estimated time of 2 hours until post 1 / Pos Monitoring ( 1,432 masl ).

Normal mileage 3.5 hours. Warning : Beware of monkeys in this area , they are very aggressive to grab food every climber guard. Preferably when the summit attack in packing food into a bag and a tent in the lock. Because in some cases very clever monkeys unzipped the tent or tent tear . How else do not leave the tent unattended
Rest, preparation for the ascent to the summit of Rinjani 1 pm.
Peak ( Summit attack).

The journey from Pos Pelawangan Sembalun summit began to have the ramp - slope incline and dusty terrain such as sand , stone , soil . May be a path similar to Mahameru although he did not seterjal Mahameru . One step forward followed by a half -step down . To climb the peak of Rinjani is not necessary tools , enough stamina , patience and "passion " !! . Estimated time of 4 hous.

After 09.00 hours , you should go back down to Pelawangan because the wind will be very tight in conjunction with the high sun. The journey continues towards Plawangan Sembalun then down to the lake immediately tillers. Segara Anak Lake is filled by fish type and Mujair Carper big enough , we can see some caves (Cave Milk ) with sources of sulfur water normally used to wash people sasak heirloom weapons . In addition there is water in the local language Kalak means hot water , forming small pools that have different temperatures . If we want to soak , you choose : the temperature of hot, warm or lukewarm . Around Segara Anak there is also a Mount Baru Jari designation , which means mountain Sasak incipient.