Lubang Sewu as tourist destination which is located in Erorejo Village, Wadaslintang District of Wonosobo Regency. Arise into a new surface occurs some time later, after a lot of photographs of beautiful artificial reservoirs are get about on Internet. The uniqueness can be seen in rocks around the reservoir. The existence of some rocks with perforated shape and looks like having sculptural form is very beautiful and often withdraw the photographer hunter then capture in the camera lens. However if you want to watch, try to visit in the dry season when water reservoirs slowly shrinking. At the moment you can only watch uniquely rock shaped like coral in the ocean surface.

For those of you who has a chance to visit Lubang Sewu on rainy season, you can rent a boat to get to island in the middle of the reservoir. To enjoy the beauty of Lubang Sewu you get on arrival at Wonosobo City, use car or public transportation to get Sawangan junction then pass Banjarnegara, Kaliwiro, and Wadaslinatang. The travel time takes for about 2 hour or 43 km from Wonosobo.

For those of you who want to experience the beauty of Lubang Sewu, the departure point from Wonosobo City you could drive toward the intersection Sawangan by passing Banjarnegara, Kaliwiro and also Wadaslintang. The travel is as far as 43 kilometers from Wonosobo.