One of the charm beaches of Gunung Kidul this one is a waterfall that flow falls directly into the sea mouth of Jogan Beach. With 10 meter high waterfall has water sources that originated from karst hills in Jogan Beach. This one Gunung Kidul tourist spot has a unique landscape, surrounded by high cliffs typical of limestone mountains.

Besides enjoy the beautiful Jogan Beach Jogan scenery, in this tourist spot you can try to feel the splash of waterfall. However, it takes extra caution to be down the slippery and steep derivatives in order to get to the bottom of the waterfall.

You only need to pay entrance of Jogan Beach IDR 3,000 per person to be able to explore the uniqueness of Jogan Beach. The location of the beach precisely at Purwodadi village, Tepus district, Gunung Kidul regency of Yogyakarta.