Yeh Sanih Springs is located at Sanih village, Kubutambahan sub-district which has distance around 17 kilometers in the East of Singaraja city. Since 1930 Sanih water has been well known as tourism objects by local people. Yeh Sanih means Sanih water. Yeh in Balinese language means water. The difference between Yeh Sanih Spring and others in Bali is in its water which is natural. The water in Sanih Spring comes from original spring called Yeh Kelebutan. Its spring comes from underground river stream originating from Batur Lake. The water from this spring is often used for Hindu ceremony. This spring appears from the South of adult pool, precisely under frangipani tree which is close to the temple, a place to worship Lord Vishnu. Yeh Sanih swimming pool consists of two pools. One pool is for adult which is 1.5 meter deep and one pool for kid which is only 0.5 meter deep.

Yeh Sanih Spring has its own uniqueness because its water is not salty, although its location is close to Lovina beach. Besides that, there is a myth that if young couple swim at Yeh Sanih, so their relationship will be long lasting. This myth is still believed until now. Because Yeh Sanih Spring location is not far from Lovina beach, so if you come to the pool, you can also visit this beach. At Yeh Sanih area, there is also a place for Catholics pilgrimage, namely Maria Air Sanih cave. To go to the cave, you just pass through a small bridge. And around 20 meters on the left, there is a sign board of Pakraman, Banjar Yeh Sanih. Not far from there, there is Maria Air Sanih cave.