Not too far from the border of Malang regency and Kediri there is a waterfall named Coban Kethak. ‘Coban’ means waterfall in Java language. This waterfall is located in the grove of durian plantations and forests in Pait Village, Kasembon District, Malang Regency.

Coban Kethak has approximately 25 meters height, giving a natural charm that is very wonderful. Pounding waterfall that divides this cliff broke the silence of the wilderness in Coban Kethak area. Not just sounded tight, Coban Kethak current flow, too heavy. The charm Coban Kethak treat not only the splash of water, but also the natural scenery around Coban Kethak. In area of Kethak Coban, the trees so lush and lots of tree roots that hang between the cliffs.

For visitors who want to come here do not have to sweat to reach Coban area. Very much different from the access to other Waterfall exist. However, its beauty of Coban Kethak unbeaten with others which are in Malang City. Many people still do not know the location where these Coban Kethak. The journey to the location is very pleasant, stayed down protected forest areas are filled with various jungle plants. On the sidelines of forest trees tucked into a number of fruit trees such as avocado, durian, until the plant bark and there are quite a lot of coffee plants.