Kondang Merak Beach is located in Donomulyo sub-district, Malang Selatan District or Bantur, Malang, East Java, which is about 68 kilometers from Malang city. This beach is one of south coastal beaches of East Java other than Balekambang Beach. The different is that Kondang Merak Beach looks more natural and not too crowded. The beach is also one of ornamental fish producers. Itís said that in the past, local people often saw peacocks coming to this beach for a drink of fresh water around the beach. Since peacocks often stopped to this place then this beach became famous. That makes this beach then known as Merak (Peacock) Kondang Beach.

The scenery around this beach is quite beautiful with breezing wind blow, coupled with its quite soft white sand felt on feet. There are also big coral reefs available on this beach. Those big coral rocks will be interesting to see when the tide is low. This is because that the reef previously covered with sea water is going to appear to the surface.

No need to worry because there are also some lodgings, restaurants, mosques even camping ground available here. For restaurants, of course the menus offered are mostly seafood.