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    Kuwaru Beach with Black Sand Beach - Bantul

    Kuwaru Beach is situated in Poncosari Village, Srandakan District, Bantul Regency of Yogyakarta, approximately 4-5 km to the east of Pandansimo Beach and approximately 6-7 km to the west of Pandansari Beach. The beach is characterized by beaches on the southern island of Java which is the black sand and large choppy. The place is quite easy to visit, the road passable seamlessly with vast green expanse of rice fields in the vicinity.

    Kuwaru Beach is adjacent to Parangtritis Beach, on the south side of Java Island. The exquisite and the swish of the waves remains riveting to pamper your eye. Kuwaru Beach is covered with a lot of pine trees are wide and lined up neatly along the beach, so the beach is becoming more attractive. In addition to be the natural tourist here as well as a culinary tour, the menu is a variety of seafood dishes served with variety choice of fresh fish caught by local fishermen.

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