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    Lake Color (Telaga Warna), Bogor - Indonesia

    Not far from the restaurant Rindu Alam or exactly 45 km from the city of Bogor to the south (Peak) there are natural attractions Telaga Warna. Its location in the middle of tropical forest on the edge of Plantation The Ciliwung. Lake water temperature of 20 C with 45 slope of this have fresh air is perfect for day trips. To reach this location can use different types of vehicles within 45 minutes from the city of Bogor in Bogor rule - Peak followed by walking as far as + 200 m According to local belief, the water of this lake is said to change color.

    Prior designated as park area, lake area color is part of Nature Reserve Area (CA) Mega Mountain forest Cloudy and forests of Mount Hambalang defined by GB on July 17, 1972 Avg. 14.Telaga Color is Ciliwung River upstream and the buffer zone is an area of ​​National Park of Mount Gede-Pangrango. National park is a preserved natural area with native ecosystems, which is managed by the zoning system which will dimamfaatkan for the purposes of research, science, education and one object of tourist destinations, and places of recreation.

    At Telaga Warna Nature Park also has cultural attractions of the shrine frequented by pejiarah. The Nature Tourism Activities Attractions Enjoy the beauty of nature. Photo hunting. Observations of birds. Cross Country. Infrastructure facilities provided for tourists at Telaga Warna Nature Park, among others: The walkways, toilets, shelters and guard station.

    Fascination Object Telaga Warna Nature Park has beautiful natural scenery with the cool air, in addition there are also natural lakes where surface water is visible in color, this is caused by the reflected sunlight coming from the cracks foliage and fell on the surface of the lake that serves as a mirror. Relatively natural state is still intact is the main attraction for tourists.

    Source: bogorkab.go.id

    photo by Agus Sartono

    photo: southeastasia.org

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