Sundak Beach is located in Wonosari District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta, not too far from Kukup Beach which is about 3 km. Although it's a small beach, Sundak Beach offers exciting beauty. We do really enjoy the beauty here.

Sundak offers beautiful beaches with white sand, rocks and great caves formed from it. According to the story. It's name was derived from *** (dogs) and Landak (hedgehog), where a dog and a hedgehog beetled in this beach, and eventually won by the dog. So local residents named this beach by Sundak Beach.

If you'd like have a vacation to the beach with the atmosphere of an unspoiled nature, Sundak with all its beauty can be a choice. It's just that the beach is less developed as a tourist destination, so that existing infrastructure is also very simple.

Sundak not only has a fascinating natural scenery, but also offers a pleasant atmosphere of the night. You can enjoy the evening breeze while ordering raw fish to be grilled with friends. By paying a few thousand, you can buy wood for fuel.
What is clear, you do not need to be confused to find a place to stay. Visitors can sleep anywhere, set up a tent, or just lying on the bench tonight stall if unused. Darkness does not need to fuss, is not boring if life continues bright?