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    Peak Nature Lawu, Central Java - Indonesia

    Lawu located on the border of Central Java and East Java. The highest peak of Mount Lawu (Summit Argo Dumilah) ketingggian is at 3265 m above sea level. Lawu complex has an area of ​​400 KM2 with Candradimuka crater that is still often steaming hot water and the smell belerang.Terdapat two old crater near the summit of Mount Lawu the Crater Lake and Crater Lake Yellow Selayur bubble. There are so many sacred places by the community so that not only youngsters, but many older people who climb mountains for berjiarah Lawu.
    Javanese people believe that the top of the mountain was formerly a royal Lawu the first time on the island of Java. Lawu is very meaningful for the Java community, especially those who still believe in the Unseen World. Once upon a time sacred places in this Lawu ransacked by people who do not like it, but they are harmed by even a pathetic death. For that reason for the climbers who do not believe in sacred places on the mountain Lawu, please while respecting the local community trust, to avoid catastrophe.

    There are two main objectives of the tourists visiting the Peak Lawu attractions, namely:

    1. Enjoy the natural beauty of the forest with the typical flora and fauna, clean air and cool and very beautiful natural scenery.

    2. Perform the ritual tour, because in those areas there are so many places / petilasan King UB V and its followers, and now a place of carrying out rituals for tourists.

    With regard to special interest tours (ritual) in the Peak area Lawu, activities are carried out almost any time and will reach its peak on the night of the 1st of Muharram (1 Suro) in the Javanese calendar. At that time thousands of tourists up to the Peak Lawu well with the purpose to enjoy the natural beauty as well as to perform a ritual to welcome the new year Javanese calendar.

    Object and tourist attraction located in the Peak area Lawu very many in number both natural beauty of flora and fauna as well as the historic / heritage petilasan UB V King and his followers, among others:

    1. Sumur Jolotundo

    At this location the king UB V received wangsit on the way up to the summit of Lawu

    2. Lumbung Selayur

    At this location there are wells that are used to store food / supplies the followers of King UB V

    3. Pawon Sewu

    Pawon Sewu lies in the journey peretngahan Lawu ascent to the summit. In this place the followers of King UB V set up kitchens to cook food

    4. Cave Selarong

    This cave used UB V King's followers as well as a place for overnight monitoring.

    5. Sendang Intan

    According to local belief, in this spring hikers / tourists can apply for a blessing by drinking water directly into the mouth of each with a tilted face. According to the belief that the more water available the more blessings are obtained.

    Source: ecotourismperhutani.com

    photo: devildivinity.blogspot.com

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