Having a rustic, tropical villa with modern facilities is the best property investment in Lombok, especially the famous Gili Trawangan. If you look for a tropical villa with super rustic look, complete furnishing and amenities, natural beach-like yard and traditional elements, there is a great villa in Gili Trawangan to help you start with the profitable investment.

Rustic Beauty of Gili Trawangan Tropical Villa
The tropical villa of Gili Trawangan has unique design; the rustic look is so obvious from all parts of the house and yard. The 300 meter square of one-story villa consists of the main building, outdoor bar, yard and swimming pool, with open style interior design that offers spacious living area, much natural light, breezy air, and more traditional look.

The thatched roofs, rustic wooden frames, polished wooden floor and eclectic furniture add the tropical beauty of this villa. Combined with modern amenities and strategic location, this villa is definitely a great escape for those who want to experience the ‘original’ tropical accommodation without lacking of modern amenities.

Facilities of Gili Trawangan Tropical Villa
The tropical villa has an outdoor swimming pool that matches sandy yard that surrounds it, complete with sun bed and trees that surround the yard. The main building has two bedrooms that accommodate two adults, with mix between classic and modern furniture items (including wooden/bamboo furniture items). Wooden patio terrace can be a great place for sitting outdoor or having private party. The open-style terrace gives amazing view and great place to hang out with your traveling partners.

The villa also has modern kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathrooms. Also, there is an outdoor bar with thatched roof, to give you great lounging place. This combination between rustic, tropical and modern makes the tropical Gili Trawangan villa a great property investment in Lombok for exclusive holiday property.