Nothing belies the beauty and exoticism of Indonesia, especially in the East region. One of them is the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). One of the best is in Alor Islands. In these districts there is one island that is home to more than 3,000 deer. Rusa Island is one of 20 islands in Alor. To get there, the journey to within about 2 hours from the capital city of Alor, namely Kalabahi.

Rusa Island (Deer Island) is located in Puntaru village, Pantar Barat Laut district. Named Rusa Island because it is a habitat for thousands of deer and not inhabited by humans. Currently being developed hunting tours for tourists who are interested in hunting.

To reach the location, you should use speed boat given distance away from the center of city. It is said that according to belief, if you want to visit and hunt deer, then we have to be accompanied by one of the traditional authorities / landlord.

Before carrying out the activities here, must be done traditional ceremonies and request permission to landlords. If landlords say may only catch one deer, then the catch will only amount to 1 tail, not more.