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    Ampenan, the Old Town in Mataram - Lombok

    Ampenan is a district which is situated on Lombok Island, and also the old city of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

    The word Ampenan comes from the word “Amben” which has a heaven meaning. Ampenan used to be a city that is in use by the Dutch into a port, therefore today, the population of Ampenan city consists of various ethnic such as Tionghoa among citizens, Arabs, Malays and Bugis. You can find it on the main street of Yos Sudarso standing on one side of the diversity shop houses belonging to the ancient Chinese people. On the other hand, there is a row of shops belonging to the Arab community who sell goods typical of the Middle East.

    As well as the city that holds many ancient buildings, Ampenan also has a beautiful beach. When you are there, it’s offered a beautiful panorama, especially at sunset. At these sunset moments, many people flock to the coast while enjoying delicious roasted corn and the beautiful panorama of the sea. The view will be more dramatic when the evening was getting dark, the moon shone brightly as if accompany the visitors. On this beach we can also see the ruins of the pier which was built during the Dutch around 1948 -1950. The location is currently used by people for fishing locations.

    Ampenan port is one port of unloading eligible in 70s. Unfortunately, now Port Ampenan glory story ends because all port activities moved to the Lembar port.

    Because Ampenan located in the city of Mataram, it will be easier to achieve. Many public transport and taxis that can take you around to see the ruins of the harbor and past the Dutch buildings.

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    More pics?
    that pict make it looks more like a deadtown

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