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    Atapupu Beach, White Sand Beach in Atambua - East Nusa Tenggara

    Atapupu Beach is one of marine attraction in Atambua. Atambua is a district as well as the capital of Belu regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. The city is also a gateway to the state for Timor Leste because this city is bordered by East Timor. Atapupu Beach is often called by the name Sukaerlaran Beach or White Sands Beach.

    It’s called by the name of White Sand Beach because the beach has white sand. In addition, the state of nature at the beach is still very natural and untouched by the hands of ignorant. The clean beaches have very clear and clean sea water with flat topography and shallow making it safe for us to play water here.

    The beach visitors are mostly local residents just because this beach is not widely known by the tourists. In addition to local residents, the beach is also visited by citizens of East Timor heading to Atambua. In the afternoon, the beach is crowded by young people.

    If you were on the beach at noon, you will find the fishermen who were returning from fishing. They will offer their catch to beach visitors. We can buy it. The price offered by the fishermen is cheaper and certainly the fish are fresher. Panoramic sunset at the Atapupu Beach is an amazing view we can see while here.
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