Nain Island is an island part of Bunaken Marine Park Site Manado. The island has the beautiful panorama. It is not only the panorama which attracts tourists to visit the island but also its biodiversity. With the clear water and blue sea, you can find various species of fish and sea creatures in the island. The island has incredible topography of both the sea and the land. Hence, when you visit the island, itís not only marine activities you can do but also activities on land. You will have an exciting experience when visiting the island, especially when your best friends or family accompany your travel to the island.

In Nain island, the visitors can do marine and water sport activities. Favorite activity in this island is diving. This diving is suitable for professional divers even amateur diver. For amateur divers, you should take a guide with you. Ask him or her to lead your diving activity. While diving, you can record the beautiful fish and other creatures swimming around you. There are some prominent species such as barracudas or groupers. If you are lucky, you can find more unique species like hammerheads and jack fish.

Nain Island is located in the north eastern coast of Montehage island, North Sulawesi province. The most northern island in the Bunaken Marine Park Site is Montehage. Hence, Nain is near the northern part of the Bunaken Marine Park Site. To reach the island, you can start from Manado. You can take flight to Manado first, then you can travel by boat or charter a private boat to Nain Island.