Ayah beach or more knowledgeable as Logending beach, be one of tourism object residing in Kebumen town, in Central Java. In this place we can feel natural beauty between forest tourism and maritime tourism. In tourism this area there is forest property of local government. At struggles era of this forest region is made as Indonesia army hideaway.

This beach has having immeasurable beauty of, between of view of clear sea-water and extent of sloping sand. In Logending beach, visitor also can do various activities to relax. Besides, in side area south parks there is an area which applicable to camp. If visitor wish night situation, you can pitch a tent in this encampment area.

Logending beach is located in Ayah town around 40 km from Gombong town. For towards this tourism area, you can apply vehicle of public that is of course in big supply there. You will go through time 1 hour if you applies person vehicle. Before reaching this coast, you will pass some place of other tourist resort, namely Jatijajar cave and Petruk cave. Along the beach this have also made available lodging if you didn't wish to camp. Besides, visitor can relax explores ocean with renting boat property of fisherman which many on the market with immeasurable price.