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    Buyan Lake, Bali - Indonesia

    Buyan Lake is a smallest lake in Bali located just a next door of Tamblingan Lake. It is located in the plateau area with cool weather cover it. It is situated in the high land with hill and rain forest surrounds it. Since the location in the plateau area, the fog is usually blanketing the area. This lake can be seen from the top of hill which is called Asah Gobleg. Asah Gobleg it self is the name of the countryside located on the top of hill where the villager with agriculture life on top of it.

    Just beside lake Tamblingan, it looks like as a twin lake from the sky.
    You can see this lake is surrounded by coffee and clove plantation.
    From Bedugul with it's Bratan lake, it will take only around 15 minutes toward the north before we can see in the left Lake Buyan with it's glass like still waters.
    Following the road winding up the hill, through groups of monkeys on the road sides, we will arrive at the junction on the top of the hill, in this junction take the left turn ( the straight direction go toward Singaraja city of north Bali ).
    Starting here to the west, we will see one of the most beautiful nature and vegetation scenery on the island. On this quiet scenic asphalt road, we will find green grass on the road sides, trees, plantations and farms on the right side of the road, sporadic mists and yes, the Lake, seen and disappear at below left of the road wile we are driving beside lush vegetation and big trees.

    We can pull over at the road side in some points along the road to admire the tranquility of the lake and surrounding, to feel coolness of the air or even to have some picnic. We can continue driving toward the west to the western tip of the lake and beyond.

    On the western end of Lake Buyan, we will start to see the sister lake of Buyan, the Lake Tamblingan. If we follow the road it will bring us closer and closer to Lake Tamblingan, or if we take direction to the right at the following junction at the end of the road, we will arrive in Munduk village, a village rich with coffee plantations that own a quite well known gamelan gong kebyar music group.

    Source: www.indo.com

    photo: greenerz.wordpress.com

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