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    Kura Kura Resort, Between Heaven and Earth of Karimunjawa

    Kura Kura Resort located in the midst of Karimunjawa Archipelago and offering one of the largest lagoons of the area, Menjawakan is a very green, private tropical island 22 hectars large, of extroardinary beauty which is exclusively occupied by Kura Kura Resort.

    Situated between Java and Borneo, and still unknown to mass tourism, Karimunjawa Archipelago is a National Marine Park composed of 27 islands which still offers the feeling of a natural and remote beauty. The exceptional location of Kura Kura Island places our guests in the midst of the Archipelago, giving them the opportunity to visit and enjoy the rare beauty of the surrounding islands with their pristine white, unspoiled beaches fringed with palm trees, and the amazing colours of the sea while staying in rare comfort.

    Resort facilities have also been upgraded: such as new speed boats with 2 engines for transportation and excursions, plus the charming and elegant 'Elisabeth' Grand Banks boat are now at our guests' disposal, new dining menu which provide local food and seafood with Mediterranean style, new landsacping and new water purification treatment system.

    Kura Kura Resort offers the discerning traveler the opportunity to discover this still-hidden gem in SoutheastAsia with its unique comfort.

    Kura Kura Resort Booking Office
    Jl. Puspogiwang Dalam 1 no 13
    501 49 Semarang

    +62 (0)24-761 27 07
    +62 (0)852 257 398 88 (Emergency)
    +62 (0)24-761 27 07
    Directly to Kura Kura Resort
    +62 (0) 823 251 967 47

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