Manikin beach is beautiful beach in the center of Kupang city, has the nature beauty panorama with white sand beach as the tourism object that was crowded by visitors. The beauty of its beach brings us the goodness of life because we will see all about natural scenery and natural life. The white sand covers the surface of the beach just like other adjacent beaches such as Nunsui Beach and Lasiana Beach. The surface of the coastline are wide, especially when the tide is low.

Manikin Beach is located at Tarus Village, Central Kupang sub-district, Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. Precisely, it lies right at the coastal area of Kupang Strait in the west of Timor Island or at the west of Kupang Regency. The position of the beach is so strategic because it is situated around the main road of Trans Timor, near to El Tari Airport, and adjacent to the Kupang City. It takes around 20 km from Kupang and you can ride public transportation, like bemo or bos, motorcycle, and a car. The route of public transportation is Kupang Oesao and Kupang Camplong. The infrastructure itself is adequate and accessible so that you can reach the beach easily.

Manikin Beach is suitable spot for those who want to relax their mind from routine because it has beautiful panorama. Besides that, the view that surround the beach still natural and it will be more perfect if you come to catch the sunset.

For adventure lover, you can explore the area around Manikin Beach. There is a river estuary which located near the beach and it can be the specific icon for Manikin compared by other beaches in Kupang City. If you like water activities or beach sports, you can play volley ball, swimming, sun-bathing, or just strolling along the beach. Your vacation will become unforgettable moment if you camping there with your friends. Play guitar and sing together.