Sonobudoyo is the most complete museum in Indonesia after the National Museum in Jakarta, which includes a collections of art and culture. Sonobudoyo originally a foundation engaged in the culture of Java, Madura, Bali and Lombok named Java Institute established in 1919 in Surakarta. Subsequently in 1924 succeeded in establishing a museum in Yogyakarta, named Sonobudoyo. At the beginning of this museum has a collection thousands of historical artifacts.Then on November 6, 1935, Sonobudoyo inaugurated by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII marked with candra sengkala "Kayu Kinayang Ing Brahmana Buddha".

Sonobudoyo Museum is a museum located on the Northern area of Keraton Yogyakarta’s Alun-alun Loror North Plaza. The museum is known for its comprehensive collections of Javanese culture and history. Even, you can find ceramics from Neolithic era and copper statue from the 8th century. Not only that, the collections of wayang, antique weapons, and Javanese masks are also kept there.

The location of Museum Sonobudoyo is near Alun-alun Lor which means near Malioboro. To reach the place, you can either go by a taxi or by becak for less than twenty thousand rupiahs (about two dollars). In the museum also has a short-duration wayang kulit show and to see this you have to pay twenty thousand rupiahs.

The thing that you can enjoy while in Sonobudoyo Museum is its antique and rare collections. On the inside of the museum, you will see many objects; it is said that the museum collections is amounted to forty-three thousand objects. These objects then are classified into ten categories: geology, biology, ethnography, archeology, history, numismatic, philology, cosmology, fine art, and technology collections. The collections are put in two places; indoor and outdoor. Those being put outdoor are usually statues from Hindu and Buddhist Kingdoms in Central and East Java, ceremonial attributes, and temples ornaments. Meanwhile, the indoor collections are usually fragile and have to be extra taken-care of. Some of these objects are put inside to keep it from rotting.

There on various kinds of batik and the tools to create it, and objects made of metal like gold, silver, or copper. These metals are usually formed into statues, hanging lamps, gamelan (Javanese musical instruments), and keris (Javanese sword-like weapons). Even, the museum has 12.000 collections of keris from Java Institut.

Sonobudoyo museum is the place to should visit when you are in Yogyakarta. It is also suitable if you are in a group or want to go there by yourself as the museum’s staffs are informative and will be very pleased to accompany you during your visit.