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    Bali Rafting - Indonesia

    Bali Rafting offers whitewater rafting in Bali to satisfy your desire for adventure holiday in Bali. Rivers in Bali, other than as a source of irrigation rice farming, is also a good place for rafting in Bali. The unspoiled natural river with the current challenging white water rafting in Bali, become one of the favorite choice of the tourists who were vacationing in Bali.

    There are two names of the river which is used as the main place of rafting in Bali, among others: Ayung Rafting located in Payangan Village - Ubud, Bali with level 2 of severity, and Telagawaja Rafting located in Muncan Village – Karangasem, Bali with level 3-4 of severity.

    For the entry level of bali rafting, Ayung River Rafting is a good place to try. As for the more adventurous who want to feel more adrenalin, Telagawaja River Rafting is the right choice.

    Ayung River Rafting

    Ayung River Rafting offers a different sensation and of course very challenging to try. Ayung River Rafting for decades known as the best and most favorite rafting in Bali and a choice of leading rafting operators in Bali. Bal rafting is a favorite sport for tourists who holiday in Bali. Rafting in Bali provides a compelling challenge and adrenaline of each participant.

    Ayung River Rafting has some rapids that challenge and stimulate your adrenaline. The rafting site on the Ayung River located approximately 12 kilometers and can be reached within 2 hours. Along the trip down the swift river, you will be spoiled green unspoiled scenery.

    Ayung River Rafting provides beautiful carvings along approximately 200 meters of the work of the artists in Ubud that can become a backdrop to take photos. This river also has several small waterfalls that can be used to place take photos as memories. Rafting on the Ayung River is safe and of course accompanied by our instructors who will guide the activities of your rafting. We have whitewater rafting team and staff who have experienced decades of serving the domestic and foreign tourists.

    Telaga Waja Rafting

    Telaga Waja Rafting is the most challenging rafting site in Bali. Telaga Waja River Rafting located in the Muncan Village, Karangasem, which can be achieved in approximately 1.5 hours drive. Compared Ayung River, Telaga Waja River has the challenge of a more challenging and will push your adrenaline to a higher level. Telaga Waja River flows clear with a fairly swift current.

    Telaga Waja Rafting becomes interesting because the location is combined with patches of green fields and hills that shelter. Those are some reasons why the Telaga Waja Rafting was chosen to be one start point trajectory rafting, which is very popular in Bali. Water that flowed freely with few riffles and boulders as obstacles to be a great choice for the adventurer to adrenaline as well as test your guts. Telaga Waja Rafting despite having almost 5 meters high, but it is safe to conduct rafting.

    Source: balirafting.net

    photo: balirc.com

    photo: asiacollectiontur.wordpress.com

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