This location is very convenient and easy to reach, about 10 minutes from the city centre and also close to the Unfortunate row of mall, shops and famous universities in Malang city. In addition there are also tour other places of interest to visit is mainly a fishing. Lembah Dieng Water Park is a recreation area that can serve as a family holiday destination, a means of exercise and educational attraction for schools and universities who hold recreational sports especially while learning swimming.

The scenery is beautiful, the air is cool, a lot of trees, as well as a pollution-free air, a comfortable atmosphere and far from the noise of the Bindi come within a verdant background coupled with open views of Mount Panderman and Mount Semeru. This place is one of the cozy getaway and have a fairly complete facilities, because in addition to the swimming pool (water park), various types of fishing and kids games, outbound, a Muslim Prayer area, spacious parking area, restaurant, there is the Hotel is still under construction.

Which is quite exceptional in the Lembah Dieng Water Park was the pool. The swimming pool is famous for its water, pond water comes from Springs directly and always drained and cleaned once every 2 weeks so it has the quality of the water clean and healthy.

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