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    Wendit Recreational Park

    Wendit Recreational Park is one of the main tourist asset of Malang city.

    Facilities include outdoor spa, swimming with a basic floor of natural rocks plus a cool and fresh water with a sprinkling of roses. According to the story, purportedly with a bath in the pond has the benefits of making the face look youthful. A unique attraction is the presence of dozens of the benign and apes roam freely in a small forest and inhabit in Wendit meanders beneath. Some ancient Statue can also be seen in the Park. Visitors can obtain souvenirs handicrafts locals and sold around the area.

    Swimming Pool


    Duck Boat

    Source : MalangCity.com
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    waduh jadi inget sendal yg di bawa sama monyet di wendit

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    Yup. I know.. I also love this Malang city and a specially their traditional popular costumes.. their Malang Flower Carnival.. their new year all is wonderful...

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