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    Indrayanti Beach, Beautiful Panorama in Yogyakarta

    Yogyakarta has a large collection of beaches, providing ideal destinations for enjoying lazy days in the sun while the little one paddle in the sea, build sandcastles and bury themselves in sand. Indrayanti Beach is one of the beaches in Yogyakarta. Just like any other beaches in Yogyakarta, the beach has beautiful panorama. The white sand and the amazing surrounding nature make the beach one of the worth visiting beaches. When you visit this beach, you can enjoy this beautiful panorama by sitting in the edge of the beach. There are many gazebos along the beach to rest and relax. When you have tired of walking in this beach, you can take a rest in the gazebo. The cool sea wind and the calm atmosphere will refresh your mind. You will not want to leave the beach once you have arrived and enjoyed the beauty.

    The location of Indrayanti Beach is situated in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. Precisely, it lies in the eastern part of Sundak Beach. The beach is actually a new beach. In addition, you can see beautiful cliffs and rocks surround the beach. They add the beauty of the beach. Especially the crystal clear of the blue sea water and the perfect waves allow visitors to enjoy the most incredible view. The beach is not too large, and there are only few visitors in this beach. This makes the beach so peaceful, and it is not crowded.

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    How to get to Indrayanti Beach:
    To reach Indrayanti Beach Gunung Kidul, the trip fairly easy to access with the good road. But you are still advised to bring your private vehicle or hire a vehicle. Because from Yogyakarta city center is no available on public transportation that can take you to Indrayanti Beach.
    If you start trip from downtown Yogyakarta, so the route takes as follows;

    YOGYAKARTA- Piyungan – Patuk – Sambipitu - Directions Hutan Bunder – Gading – Logandeng – Siyoni – Tugu BPD roundabout – Jalan Kyai Legi – Jlaan Lingkar Selatan – Jalan KRT Djojodiningrat – Jalan Girisubo – WONOSARI – Jalan Saptosari – Tepus (before entering Baron Beach takes eastward toward Sundak Beach – Somandeng – Indrayanti Beach.

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    This is awesome , I think we can do jet ski there

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