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    Kenawa Island in Sumbawa Barat

    Quiet, and peaceful. That first impression when you set foot on the island Kenawa. No chirping birds singing, the sound waves are not too big. Only the occasional sound of a small ripple on the beach. As far as the eye could see, there was only a stretch of grassland, a bale (gazebo), and a small hill at the end of the island. This really is the perfect place to find peace.

    Kenawa island located in the northwest of the island of Sumbawa, precisely in the Alas Strait, not far from the ferry ports Poto Tano, West Sumbawa. Kenawa to reach the island, visitors can rent a fishing boat from the village of Poto Tano, to take approximately 15 minutes.

    Kenawa island offers stunning natural scenery. The combination of natural hills, grasslands (savanna), a stretch of white sandy beach and sea blue-green shades, making Kenawa island is so beautiful and memorable.

    Spectacular marine life with a sea depth of only one to two meters and crystal clear sea water appears around the island Kenawa, the reason why a lot of visitors who do snorkeling activities. To be able to snorkel on the island Kenawa, you have to bring equipment from home, around the island because there is no snorkeling equipment rental place. With snorkeling, you can see a variety of beautiful coral reefs, colorful, coral both hard-and soft corals.

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