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    Pok Tunggal Beach, Beautiful Destination in Yogyakarta

    Pok Tunggal Beach is beautiful destination tourism in Yogyakarta. The area of the beach is smaller than Sundak Beach. The beach challenges you to climb up to the cliffs to see the whole beauty of the beach from the height. As a new beach, you still can see the development in many areas. As you come here, you will see the icon of Pok Tunggal Beach, like Duras Tree that grows very shady at the edge of the beach.

    The area of Pok Tunggal Beach is flanked by two hills that have been developed as tourism area. The west of the beach is called as Tirta Pok Tunggal Asri Hill and the east of the beach is called as Panjong Hill. Each gate of the hills has charity box. You can donate your money to develop the area of the beach.

    Pok Tunggal Beach offers you the beauty of natural scenery. The stretches of white sand and blue wave water approach the coastline. You can play waves and take a picture as you are there. One thing that you may not miss as you visit Pok Tunggal is taking picture under Duras Tree.

    The other attraction of Pok Tunggal Beach is the line of cliffs that standing strongly and looks like a fortress that protects the beach. The height is around 50 meters and it can be developed to be a rock climbing sport. Off course it needs extra adrenaline and courage to conquer the rock.

    The location of Pok Tunggal Beach lies at Tepus Village, Tepus sub-district, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia. The location is right to Watu Lawang Beach and Seruni Beach. It takes around 1.5 2 hours by motorcycle from Yogyakarta City.

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    Best Sunset Spot at Pok Tunggal Beach

    Relishing the magnificence of Pok Tunggal beach would be incomplete if you haven�t set aside a little of your time to watch the sun sets behind the horizon. It is also fun to spend the night here in a tent, while savoring the sea breeze and waves, after appreciating the violet sundown

    Images: https://www.yogyes.com/

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