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    Amed Snorkeling on Jemeluk Bay - Bali Island

    Located just a few kilometers in the southeast part of Tulamben, Amed is situated in Jemeluk Bay. The water is clear with a seemingly undisturbed surface. Jemeluk Bay is the best place for snorkeling, with its colorful fish and calm beaches you will be happy you came here.

    It is a beautiful solitary beach with fully grown anenome, gorgonia and sponges. Its underwater life has rich and beautiful coral reef which offers a great diving spot for beginning and or professional divers. The variety of beautiful fish is very high as the result of its coral reef. The vele of visibility is 12 - 15 meters.

    Amed has excellent snorkeling just off the black sand beach and further out in the bay there is a coral wall with an abundance of sponges and hard and soft corals. Fish varieties include Black Snapper, Trigger fish, Surgeon fish, Unicorn fish, Parrot fish, Damselfish, Cardinalfish, Whitetip Reef Sharks and many larger varieties such as Dogtooth Tuna and Blue Finned Trivially.

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