Pandanan Beach in North Lombok is a beach that has a very exotic natural beauty. Pandanan beach has a very extensive coastline, blue and clear water and soft white sand. The atmosphere in this place is also very quiet and peaceful, because there are not many tourists who come to the beach. So, if you want to spend your holiday in the beach, you might have feel on your private island. The beach is also surrounded by the pandan sea trees and coconut trees that create the atmosphere at this beach looks so beautiful. When listering strikes, to sit back and relax under the trees is very pleasant.

Water tourism activity would become a favorite tourism activity in Pandanan Beach. You can swim, snorkeling or just playing water and sand on the the beach. In addition, the beach is also the right location for your hobby of fishing, because Pandanan beach rich to various species of fish and near the beach there is a fisherman village. For those who like photography it is the perfect location for hunting pictures. The beauty of land and underwater of the beach could be the object of your photos. Additionally, you do not forget to see the beauty of the sunset in Pandanan Beach.

The beach is located in the Pandanan hamlet, East Lombok, precisely under Nipah Hill. The distance is about 45 minutes from Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara. It is difficult to reach Pandanan by public transport. So, to get to this beach you should rent a car or motorcycle. Once there, you do not need to pay admission to enjoy the Pandanan beauty panoramic. However, due to lack of restaurant facility, you should bring your own food supplies. And for those of you who want to snorkeling, do not forget to bring your own snorkeling equipments.