Lego-Lego dance is original traditional dance of Abui tribe come from Alor, East Nusa Tenggara province. Lego-Lego dance symbolizes the power of unitary and brotherhood of Abui tribe. This dance is massively perfomed by holding hands and standing in a circle. Lego-Lego dance is performed in various traditional ceremonies, such as wedding ceremony. But now, this dance is performed to welcome guests or tourists who come to Alor, especially Takpala village. This dance is an expression of happiness.

To start the dance, the guest will earlier be welcomed by local people, then invite them to go to a big tree. The guests with local women hold the hands going around the tree. The guests are welcome to participate in the dance. With feet movement, the dancers will move surrounding the tree accompanied by gong and Moko, a gong made of brass. When dancing, they are offered with betel and nuts.

Local women and men who are involved in the dance, wear traditional clothes. They wear silver bracelets on their legs so that they ring while they move their feet. When they dance, they also sing and read poem. Usually, the elderly people sing and read the poem.