One of the charming marine attractions in the regency of Parigi Moutong is Kelelawar island, word “kelelawar” means bat (Bat Island). This island located in the Gulf of Tomini in village Tomoli, Toribulu district with a distance of approximately 60 kilometres with a journey time of approximately 3 hours from the town of Parigi. Access from the beach to the island can be reached by using a motor boat leased by the local community with an affordable and could be negotiated, takes about 10 minutes. From the provincial capital of Palu is about 97 kilometers. The island that covering area of approximately 10 hectares is flanked by two Cape mangrove forests that resembles the gateway to the island.

The uniqueness of the attractions of this one is bat living types of bats those are yellow, brown and black. The phenomenal views you will see at dusk, where thousands of bats will fly around this island that barely cover the local palate. The island also has beautiful white sand beach, very pleasant to swim and dive around the island. You can also do a variety of other activities such as boating around the island or fishing. Here you will also find local fishermen is of course the straps you can buy at a price which is low cheap. For the lovers and researchers, it seems very appropriate to the animal bat research. To reach the Kelelawar island, visitors can take advantage of outboard motor transport services provided by locals, with rental rates of Rp 10,000/person. The fare is only about 10-15 minutes away.