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    Lae-Lae Island, The Beautiful Small Island in Makassar- South Sulawesi

    Lae Lae Island is an island in Makassar, South Sulawesi that had history of Japanese ruins. The total area of the island is around 6.5 hectares with white sand and occupied by 2,000 residents. One of the main attractions here is the site of war ruins, like underground tunnel that said connected to Fort Rotherdam in Makassar City. As a small island, Lae Lae Island is an option for local residents, especially from those who come from Makassar to spend the vacation on the weekend. The uniqueness of the island is that the island has square shape with building for wave barrier that stretches from the north to the south at the west of the island. During second world war, the island was used by Japanese soldiers as the defense area.

    Lae Lae Island lies around 1.5 km from Makassar City, South Sulawesi. It takes 10 - 15 minutes and you can pay IDR15,000 by speedboat through Bangkoa Pier at Pasar Ikan Street no 28 or the pier in front of Benteng Fort Rotherdam.

    The short trip will give you chance to enjoy the main land in Makassar City with the stretches of calm waves. After you arrive, you will be taken to the small pier in front of the island or you can ask the owner of boat to drop you near the cliffs.

    The stretch of trees along the beach gives it extra beauty. If you like photography, you can find many spots to get stunning views. The pristine water and white sand make the beach looks so amazing. The sand is so fine and you can step it with your bare foot. Usually, the island will be crowded on Saturday and Sunday morning.

    If you like snorkeling, you can do it as well. It is available the sports water equipment like for snorkeling. The beach is good to learn water sports indeed, like swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and diving. Even, you can feed the fish while you snorkeling or swimming. You can give them instant noodle, rice or bread that is put inside the bottle. The group of fish will approach you and compete to take the food. It will be so fun to do it in Makassar City.

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    Lae Lae Island is an island in Makassar, South Sulawesi. The island is one of 13000 islands have own by Indonesia. I think that island could be a good destination for tourist.
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    i like all post and pics

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