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    Pakarena Dance Gowa, Makassar - Indonesia

    Pakarena dance is one of the traditional dances in Indonesia. Pakarena is a words of Makassar, South Sulawesi which comes from the word “akkarena” which means “play”. Gentleness dominating the dance’s movements. People of Gowa usually perform Pakarena dance in custom or entertainment events. However, people of Gowa do not consider the dance for entertainment only, but also as an act of thanksgiving that is represented by each of the aesthetic movement of the dance.

    In its performance the dance is always accompanied by two gendang (musical instrument like drum made of leather), kannong-kannong, gong, and kancing (music instrument made of metal) and a pair of puik-puik (flute). The total of music players is usually up to seven persons. In some other versions, this dance is also accompanied by a song.
    Other types of Pakarena dance that originated from Selayar Islands District which named “Gantarang Pakarena”. It called Gantarang Pakarena Dance because this dance comes from a village which is the center of government in Selayar islands in the past namely Gantarang Lalang Bata.

    Pakarena dance originated from the local mythical story. The story is about the separation of Boting Langi (country heaven) people with occupant of lino (earth) in the first period. Before the moment of separation, Boting Langi teach lino’s people the way of life, farming, breeding, and hunting through hands, body and legs movements. These movements then become a ritual dance while lino residents expressed gratitude to the Boting Langi residents.

    Pakarena dancers should be four to seven women. The dance is basically a reflection of the character of Gowa’s women that is gentle, decent, loyal, and obedient. Pakarena dancers costume dominated by bright colors, composed of Pahang fabric (hand-woven), Lipa’sa’be (silk glove of South Sulawesi), and ornaments in the form of necklaces, bracelets and decorative bun, and the most important accessory is a big fan.

    To the Gowa and Makassar people, this dance has become part of life and also the liaison media between them and God.

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    Indonesia has many traditional dances, one of which is Pakarena Dance Gowa. This is one of the major tourist attraction of the province of Makassar. Hopefully more and more tourists visit makassar.

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