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    A Hidden Paradise Selayar Island, Makassar - Indonesia

    Selayar island has a beautiful white sand beach and clear sea water. With clear blu sky and sparkling island. Situated in the center of maritime tourism in South Sulawesi province, it is gateway to the National Marine Park Takabonerate which has the third largest atoll in the world, after the Marshall Islands and the Maldives. Selayar sits in the Flores Sea.You can swim or just relax on the beach while enjoying the natural beauty around Selayar island. In addition to the green hills, you can also see the cluster of rocks called the edge or fringing reef that extends seaward as far as 200 meters. Reef edge cluster is only visible when the sea water was receding. Cluster is adjacent to the edge of the coral reef barrier or a very wide reef barrier, the area is called Takabonerate.

    Even more interesting in this Selayar Island is very strategic to conduct maritime activities throughout the year, where the west when the season arrives, activities such as diving, snorkeling, fishing can be done on the east coast of the island Selayar. Vice versa when the season arrives east then the activity can be done on the west coast of Selayar island.

    If you want to dive, at the seaside resort island of Selayar there that provide facilities for diving. In addition to the Bali and Raja Ampat Islands, Irian Jaya, you can enjoy the underwater world charm that is not less amazing from Selayar Island. Selayar Island is famous for its underwater beauty and wealth. Selayar District itself has a coral reef with an area of about 1 million hectares or 50% of the total area Selayar District. The unique barrier and fringe reefs allow for exploration, as well as the challenge of steep walled drop-offs.

    There are just two dive resorts on the island, although there may also be one on the mainland of Sulawesi near the island. Getting to Selayar involves flying to Makassar, then driving to Bira on the south coast of Sulawesi, and finally taking a boat to your resort. The resorts will handle all the arrangements for your transfer. Diving is normaly done in the untouched areas. There seem to be a lot of fish such as the wahoo, barracuda, giant trevally, marlin, sailfish, yellowfins, dogtooth tuna and mackerels. There are some nesting areas for sea turtles on the islands.

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    Indonesia is a paradise.

    Near Selayar Island, one area that have a beautiful underwater scenery. That place is adjacent to the edge of the coral reef barrier or a very wide reef barrier, the area is called Takabonerate.

    I hope I could go to that place.

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