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    Pantar Strait: The Best Marine Parks in The World

    Pantar strait is one of the best marine parks are there in the world, located in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia country located in Asia which has a lot of natural beauty are worth in thumbs up. Pantar strait is reputedly the most beautiful marine park after the Caribbean. In addition we are spoiled with beautiful sea garden, the foreign tourists also find the phenomenon of marine parks is rare and very interesting.

    therefore natural to Alor nautical tourism with panoramic underwater spefisik in Pantar Strait to be excellent and the teaser for the world-class diver.

    Noted, there are 26 diving points charming tourists there. To-26 point dive it is, Half Moon Bay, Peterís Prize, Crocodile Rook, Cave Point, The Edge, Coral Clitts, Baeylon, The Arch, Fallt Line, The pacth, Nite Delht, Kalís Dream, The Ball, Trip Top, The Mlai Hall, No Manís Land, The Chatedral, Schoolís Ut, and Shark Close.

    Diving latter point is especially interesting because it is a collection of shark seabed very friendly with the diver. Underwater beauty contained in Alor Besar, Alor Kecil, Dulolong, Crocodile Island, Pulau Kepa, Ternate Island, Pantar Island, and Temple Island, also invited amazed the professional diver from Jakarta and Bali to come there.

    In fact, the acknowledged world-class diver, marine park that Alor is one of the best in the world.

    In addition to the potential of marine tourism, Alor also store a number of attractions that appeal is culturally and historically that is rarely touched and visited by both locals and tourists. Despite having very limited accessibility, but for adventure lovers of nature would be a challenge and uniqueness.

    One of them, lure Takpala village, a traditional village which is inhabited by a tribe Abui with a linear settlement pattern with a row of traditional houses.

    Society who still adhere to customs and traditions will show a typical cultural attractions in welcome travelers, making the name of this village soar up to foreign countries.

    For mountaineers who are fond of a challenge in a place that is still virgin, Mount Delaki Sirung Pantar Island and Mount Koya, Koya on the island of Alor, is the place. Exhausting fatigue disappear immediately bring the coolness and freshness of spirit after witnessing the phenomenon of volcanic geology in the village of Hot Water and Waterfall on the island of Pantar, Tuti Adagae natural park on the island of Alor.

    While the mini-farm ranch deer (the best in eastern Indonesia) do not miss to visit. Coolness and freshness in nature Nostalgia Forest also will greet any visitors who want to relieve fatigue.

    Before going back home, do not forget to plant a tree in the Forest Nostalgia as a sign youíve ever visited the island of Alor. Name and address will be immortalized on the trees planted and memorable of all time. planting trees in the forest Nostalgia is the best after seeing the beauty of the marine park Pantar strait.

    Source: onevacationpackage.com[/IMG]

    photo: jcp-intotheblue.blogspot.com

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    Pantar Strait Map

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