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    Turi Agro Tourism, Tour The Garden Barking at Turi

    Turi Agro Tourism is a rural tourism in which there pondoh salak garden, children’s playground and fishing pond. Agro tourist sites are located in the hamlet Gadung, Wake Village Kerto, Turi, Sleman, jogjakarta. Turi Agro Tourism, which are located approximately 25 km from the city jogjakarta to the north (towards the town of Magelang Central Java), can be reached by using a private vehicle or public transportation. If using public transport, From the city jogjakarta you can ride public buses, get off at the terminal Jombor dam proceed north along the road magelang and get off at Tempel, Sleman. From the paste you to the terminal and can take a bus or other public transportation to the agro equated Turi Sleman and you will be greeted with the words of welcome. After entering the Turi, you will be along the beautiful rural atmosphere of a paddy field and garden green bark. No need to worry about getting lost, because in addition there are signposts, even friendly people who are ready to help us to that location.

    Arriving location, you will find the postal counters tour; enough to spend IDR 3000, you have to go to enjoy the beauty of Agro tourism. Parking area was spacious and comfortable. The atmosphere will be very thick agro tourism in my feel us. Plants of the green and sweet fruit that will welcome us with beauty. There are several types of salak plants are planted there.

    Turi Agro Tourism, tour the garden barking at Turi

    Salak pondoh his super moss as Icon, ivory salak, salak Bali, and even salak salak manggala hitampun can you find there. Well if you want to see the fruit of highway, then in November and December was the right time.
    On the day of a normal day this place is quite crowded, especially on holidays. Family or young couple many couples we meet there. Other entertainment can we find there is fishing, playground and so forth.

    Source: jogjabackpacker.com

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