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    Enjoying Charm Maimun Palace in Medan

    Incomplete if you have not been to Medan Istana Maimun. Medan icons that implies the rest of the grandeur of the Malay Sultanate of Delhi was indeed stunning architecture with mixed-mixed but still lumpy nuances of Malay.

    Located at Jalan Brig Katamso, Maimun Palace can be reached just 30 minutes from the Polonia Airport and one hour from the Port of Belawan, Medan, North Sumatra. From a distance, we will feel the strong appeal of the building standing on the land area of ​​2700 square meters and was built since 1888. The color yellow as the color of a typical Malay, scattered in 100 years the palace that was once the administrative center of the Deli Sultanate.

    The palace building was unique with a blend Maimun Moghul architecture, the Middle East, Spain, India, Netherlands, and Malay. Dutch influences visible in the form of doors and windows are wide and high. Islamic influence seen in the roof arch we often see on buildings in the Middle East, India, and Turkey. Like a mix of East and West without losing Malay traits that appear on the palace walls made of wood.

    Maimun palace consists of three main rooms. Namely, the main building, right wing and left wing. The main building area of ​​412 square meters it is often called the hall. That's where the royal throne is located. Throne is still used in certain events, especially during the coronation of the king or the royal family worship on holy days of Islam.

    The most unique here is the traditional meeting room. The room that we still use today for a meeting with the Sultan of Deli. Lift Worship Malay community call to the Sultan, "he explained.

    Furniture palace radiates European influence. It looks at the crystal chandeliers imported from France as well as chairs, tables, and cabinets imported from Holland. In addition to furniture, some building materials imported from Europe. For example, marble tiles. Many say, European style is closely related to the palace architect, Captain TH Van ERP, a Dutch national.

    Inside the palace, there are 25 rooms with unique interior design that shows a mix of art from various countries. "Marble is used in court is different in each room," said Moharshyah.

    European style that contrasts with the typical style buildings Karo outdoors. According Moharshyah, it relates to the origin of the Sultan of Deli which I married the daughter of the Kingdom Sunggal. "The Sultan was considered Kalimbubu. Each activity must involve the community Karo empire, "he explained.

    Just 200 meters from the Palace Maimun, we will find the Masjid Raya Al Mashun no less majestic in Jalan Medan SM King. The mosque on the land area of ​​five hectares of the Sultanate of Deli started to be built on the leadership of al Mamun Rashid Sultan Perkasa Alam IX on August 21, 1906.

    Source: indonesiamedia.com

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    That sounds great!Do hope I will visit Charm Maimun Palace in near future
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    Maimun Palace Video

    Video by: Purbatua

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