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    Hillpark Sibolangit: The Largest Theme Park - North Sumatra - Indonesia

    Hillpark Sibolangit is the largest theme park (Themepark) on the island of Sumatera! By carrying out the three themes of Lost City, Toon Town, and Heritage, Hillpark Sibolangit presents a variety of rides – which attract world-class rides like Roller Coaster (thunder), Ferries Wheel (giant windmill), 4D theater, and many others! To complement the enjoyment of visitors, amphiteathre capacity of 1,200 people always faithful present attractions, shows, concerts International class luxury.

    The Heritage
    The Heritage offers a magnificent castle atmosphere, building architecture is a castle makes you like a prince or princess. Various interesting treats for your family here in the form of indoor games and carnival games to test your agility, with prizes of course! Here also you can enjoy high-tech 4D Theatre where you can feel the tension high by feeling the effects of digital film directly or live like being in a movie that you watch it!

    Fav rides: Indoor games, 4D Theatre
    Foods: Taipan Express, Pop corn and Ice cream corner
    Shop: Hillpark Souvenir Shop

    Lost City
    Lost City is a theme that carries the atmosphere of ancient rocks like a dinosaur era. In this theme you are surrounded by large rocks and fossils of an extinct dinosaur. You can get around this theme with hillpark Train which has been available of course! And do not forget! There is a thundering ride to test your adrenaline.

    Fav Rides: rumble, Big Wheel, Hillpark Train
    Foods: Lost City Food Court

    Toon Town
    Toon Town or city cartoon presents an atmosphere like you are in the little world of the cartoon world. The theme is very “colorfull” This provides a different atmosphere and is suitable for children, especially toddlers. Various typical children’s rides are also available here as complete mini mill, mini-bombs, etc.. Here you can find the tree house that very beautiful and suitable for the object you photography!

    Fav Rides: Putting pickaxe, Mini Mill
    Foods: Toon Town foodcourt

    Camelot Hall
    Camelot Hall is amphiteathre with capacity of 1,200 people. In Camelot Hall is a variety of events such as concerts and attractions held. Equipped with sophisticated sound technology and will provide visitors Hillpark own satisfaction.

    Location :
    HILLPARK SIBOLANGIT is located at Let Jend Jamin Ginting Street Km 45
    Sibolangit, North Sumatera, Indonesia

    Source : indohillpark.com

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    Hillpark Sibolangit Map

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