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    Indonesia Tourism - Dufan (Fantasy World)

    Jakarta might be proud because of having Dufan that had multitudinous the game that was similar in an available manner in the other country. Like generally the busy urban community, the families generally choose Dufan to go on holiday because of the location that was close that is in the region of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol so as to be able to not go out of the city. The cost to recreation was not too big to be compared by the vehicle that could be tried. Moreover, the Ancol region that was the available coastal region in the Jakarta city could become means of introducing nature for children.

    The game of the Adrenalin Spur. There were many of various interesting games with high technology and was guaranteed by his security that could tourists tried. Tourists could try to encourage adrenalin by trying the available game in Dufan.

    For example the Tornado, where during tourists was in the certain height, your body will be turned during repeatedly with the high speed. Or Kora-Kora, by resembling the big boat, tourists will be rocked until the position almost 90 levels so as the body was almost upright with the land. Lightning will also encourage tourist’s adrenalin, by getting on the carriage 6 carriages, this carriage will go with the very high speed, then turn quickly and his peak will proceed with the position faced the land. Power Surge or Kicir-Kicir obligatory was tried, the game that will lift tourist’s seat, turned-around and will turn tourist’s body over and over.

    To enjoy the simulator show, there was the simulator theatre of Turbo Tour with the seat that could move so as to make tourists seem to take part in feeling what available in the film. So that not bored, the manager's side periodically replaced the film that will be watched. This shows although short but quite stressful and made tourist’s adventure in Dufan increasingly interesting.

    The game was ready Wet. When tourists were ready wet, tried to cross Jeram. With 8 insiders 1 boat that had the shape of the circle, tourists will feel crossed jeram in the river with the swift current and was surrounded the stones. The boat will proceed and the swift water current not shies to bash tourist’s body and made wet.

    When want to felt entered from the waterfall, tourists could try Niagara. In this vehicle, the boat that tourists climb onto, that take the form of wood, will go towards the community's Indian cave, afterwards the boat will rise be as high as 30 meters. The boat will enter and with the high and ready speed to be affected water that wetted tourist’s body.

    The game of the Family and Education. For tourists who brought children and wanted to try the relaxed game, the Boneka Palace became the favorite vehicle and educational means for them. There were hundreds of dolls animatronik (the robot) from various ethnic groups in Indonesia and in the world with clothes and the typical characteristics respectively the ethnic group and was accompanied with the song from the language was respectively ethnic. All could be enjoyed by getting on the boat and was in the cool room while heard the typical song of the Boneka Palace in various languages and the accompaniment of the song.

    When wanting to try to fly, just try the Gajah Bledug and Burung Tempur that could rise through to the height 15 meters while going around in circles. The other vehicle was Turangga-rangga. This game was the comedy turned that was beautiful. By riding the horse that rose descended, the child tourists must like him. Ask also tourist’s child to witness the Kera ballad, a performance of the operetta that was played by robots animatronik resembled the monkey will give the humor and the moral value for the child while introduced to them the wave of songs.

    Further, the Bianglala giant spool, with the height 33 meters tourists could see the entire vehicle and the available building around Dunia Fantasi but also saw some Java Sea. If tourists got on this vehicle during the day, tourists could see until the Thousand Islands in Javanese Sea. Whereas if tonight, tourists could enjoy beauty of the Jakarta city in the night.

    The Other game. Apart from vehicles with high technology, there were also unique buildings. Like the Lorong Sesat, the building will with the wall of glasses cause difficulties for tourists to look for the way out. Tourists could also enter the askew house of Rango-rango. This stylish American building was made with the askew floor make tourists feel the different sensation. There was also the arena shot, put basketball into the ring or the game of the other skill. The water bicycle or went in the ball that was on water also could be tried.

    Dufan always wanted to entertain his visitor by giving various interesting attractions in Hall Rama Shinta that usually is brought in from overseas. There was also the performance of music or dance that was shown off in the road. Or, when being event-event especially, the Maxima Stage will give the show that was interesting for the visitor. Tourists could also take a photograph with available clowns at Dufan or at unique buildings available here. Widely 9,5 hectare, Dufan became entertainment that was liked for all the family and did not bore to be visited. But, tourists must also be ready to queue when the visitor was busy, especially when the school holiday or the other holiday day. The hour was opened: 11,00 - 20,00 WIB

    source: bestindonesiaislands.com

    Photo by: suraflin.blogspot.com

    Photo by: tourismresort-indonesia.blogspot.com

    Photo by: sandor d weijn

    Photo by: Mangiwau

    Video by: uripsutrisno
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    who doesnt know Ancol.. such a lovely place and never be forgotten.. thanks for the post

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    Ancol is the best adventure in Jakarta
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