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    Pasir Panjang beach, Singkawang West Kalimantan

    Pasir Panjang beach is located in Tujuh Belas district at Singkawang city and about 2,5 hours from Pontianak city. Its beach very popular and have beautiful scennery.
    It is a perfect tourist destination to relax on a sunny evening and an excellent location for forgetting all the work and worldly tensionsand ideal for swimming. One can lie down on the beach watching the sunset and forget about all the things that drive us away from natural beauty.

    source: http://indonesia-gateway.web.id

    Photo by: Velwin Wibowo

    Photo by: bloggers.com

    Photo by: indonesia-tourism.com

    Photo by: mytourplace.blogspot.com

    Pasir Panjang beach Map

    Pasir Panjang beach Video

    Video by: sasyaquiqe
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