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    Kuntulan & Kundaran Dance

    The Kuntulan performance is often called Terbang Kuntul. This traditional music performance is similiar to Bordah, but the number of the musical instruments is more complete, including the kendang, jedor, gong and organ. The name of Kuntulan is taken from the fact that the dancers wear white clothes like the kuntul (type of bird). Initially this music only used rebana and jidor as the music instruments. As this music developed, the kendang and gong were added. This creation is called kundaran.

    source: http://www.eastjava.com

    Photo by: prettynagisa.blogspot.com

    Photo by: canting-puklung.blogspot.com

    Banyuwangi Map

    Kundaran Dance Video

    Video by: RD26ful
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