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    Dreamland Coast, Bali

    The coast that enchanted in Bali not only Kuta or Sanur. Other that began to be glanced at by domestic tourists and foreign countries were the Dreamland Coast. Dreamland Coast was on the end South Pecatu Village, South Kuta Sub district, Badung District, Bali Province, Indonesia. From the name this coast indeed presented all the dreams about beauty of the coast. From the white sand carpet, to the wave that was rolled up big really was suitable for surfing sport.

    Not only that, this coast also was located over the hill, so as nature scenery since the first time following this hill was spread our so beautiful. This exotic region also was enough close to the religion tourist attraction in the Pecatu Hill, that is the Luhur Uluwatu Temple that was built since the 11th Masehi age. From the high hill, tourists could down steps headed the Dreamland Coast. Was different from Kuta or Sanur Coast, the Dreamland region relative quieter, so as quite comfortable to enjoy the atmosphere of available nature. Tourist could sunbathe while enjoying young coconut ice or witnessing the surfers trying his capacity.

    On the white sand carpet, tourists could go for a walk, played sand, played coastal volleyball, or held various exciting game with the friend or the family. Coral hills in this coastal bank presented amazing scenery of coral holes. His location that was below of coral hill also became the place that was exact enough to witness the sunset. In the rain season, this hills steep will be met by grass and scrub, so as visible like the carpet of savannah.

    If want to swim, tourist could at once plunge yourself into sea. This coastal region was still beautiful with very clear water. However, tourists who could not swim it was suggested to not play water, because of the wave at this coast famous big enough so as to be able to drag tourists to the middle of Sea. The roll of the big wave in the Dreamland Coast at this time became one of the heavens for the domestic surfers and foreign countries.

    Dreamland Coast region was adjacent to one of the Sad Kahyangan Temples (the temple of the support of the points of the compass axis in Bali) that is the Luhur Uluwatu Temple. To arrive in the Dreamland Coast, from the Kuta Coast, tourists could head the Pecatu Village went through Jimbaran, with time followed around 30 minutes. From the Budaya Garuda Wisnu Kencana Garden, could be followed with the trip around 20 minutes. Now from the Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali or from the Denpasar City, was needed about 45 minutes to arrive in the Dreamland Coast. If tourists did not use the personal vehicle, tourists could make use of the service or the trip agency of the tour agency, the tourism bus, the taxi, or rental of the car and the motor.

    In the Dreamland Coastal region was gotten the cafe as well as the food trader and the soft drink to satisfy the requirement for tourists. For tourists who did not bring swimming clothes, could buy swimming clothes that were sold around the coast. If wanting to spend the night, was gotten by resorts or Villa with the quite varying price. Several resorts in fact were built above hill so as tourists who spent the night could enjoy beauty of the Dreamland Coast from above hill.

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    Dreamland Coast Map

    Dreamland Coast Video

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