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    Gunung Kawi Temple, Gianyar - Bali

    Gunung Kawi Temple located on the River Pakerisan, Penangka Hamlet, Village Sebatu, Tegalalang District, Gianyar District, Bali Province, Indonesia. When thinking of a temple, perhaps that imagined in your mind is a whole building, composed of stone or brick red. However, in Gianyar regency, Bali , there is a temple, not made of stone structure, but rather take advantage of Rock stone wall on the riverbank as a medium to create a house of worship for the followers of the Hindu. Way, stone walls were carved and shaped like the walls of the temple. Not only that, the stone walls are also equipped with a room in which to meditate.

    Gunung Kawi Temple is unique and impressive. The impression that you started at least 315 rungs down the number on the edge Pakerisan River. Beautiful atmosphere that is apparent from the grove of trees on the banks of the river, also the rush of water from a sacred river in Bali this makes visitors as welcome by the symphony of nature. -Rung ladder to get to the Temple Mount Kawi Rock is made of stone that is framed by stone walls.

    Arriving at the temple complex, tourists will see the two groups separated by flow enshrinement Pakerisan River. The first temple is located west of the river, facing east, which amounted to four fruit. While the second temple is located on the east side of the river, facing west, which amounted to five pieces. In the temple complex on the west, also features a swimming bath and shower water. Watching two of this temple complex, you'll be amazed by the views of the rock walls are neatly carved arches create spaces in which there is a temple. The temples are intentionally made in the basin to protect it from the threat of erosion.

    In the temple complex on the west there is a kind of "space" which is also called the monastery hermitage. Monasteries were carved in the cliff a sturdy and fitted with a courtyard, small rooms (like rooms) equipped with windows, and ventilation holes in the roof that serves well to sunlight. The rooms in this temple was used as the possibility of meditation as well as a meeting place where the priests or other royal figures.

    Another site that is still a complex with the Temple Mount Kawi is the gate and a place called the hermitage Geria Rauh. In these places tourists can watch a few gates and a hermitage. The experts call this place as the "Graveyard to-10". The naming by experts is based on a brief article with the letter Kediri, which reads "rakryan", which if interpreted in a place persemayaman a prime minister or senior officials of the kingdom. While on the other, farther to the southeast of the temple complex of Mount Kawi, passing through verdant rice fields, there are some niche where the monastery and a temple which seems most have not been resolved completely by the manufacturer.

    Mount Kawi temple complex was deliberately made to persemayaman King Udayana and his children. But the meaning persemayaman here not as a tomb for the body of the King and his family, but in a symbolic sense, namely for the tribute to the king. Therefore, visiting this place you will find calm and peaceful atmosphere. Mount Kawi temple complex is an ideal place for meditation, prayer, or to simply tour. The location is cool and is located right on the banks of the river make this enshrinement complex offers an aura of inner peace.

    Mount Kawi Temple Sightseeing has been equipped with various facilities, such as adequate parking, the guides who are ready to explain the history and cultural values Mount Kawi Temple, as well as stalls selling food and drinks around the temple complex.

    Path to the Temple Mount Kawi is the same path towards Tampaksiring Palace. The location of the temple is located about 40 kilometers from Denpasar city with about 1 hour journey by car or motorcycle. While the city of Herzliya is about 21 kilometers or about half an hour away. If not bring a private vehicle, from Denpasar and Gianyar tourists can use the services of taxi, bus tour, and travel agency services.

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    Gunung Kawi Temple Map

    Gunung Kawi Temple Video

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