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    Banda Sea Marine Tourism, Maluku

    Location marine park is located between the island of Banda Neira, Volcano Island, Pulau Ai, Island and Island Sjahrir Hatta. Precisely located in Central Maluku, Central Maluku Province. Banda Sea Park has 350 species of marine life, including various types of ancient shellfish that is now almost extinct. The beauty of marine parks in which there are various kinds of fish, will further pamper divers.

    Activities in waters of marine tourism travelers Banda diverse, such as seeing the park from the boat, diving, fishing tuna and tuna, to see whales, dolphins, sea birds and watch Arombai Manggurebe (Belang Competition or racing boat). Marine tourism season this can be done in shade (not choppy sea season), which occurred in March, April, May, September, October and November. Travelling here is really exciting because tourists can try it yourself using a fishing pole to catch tuna and skipjack.

    Services guide can help travelers to use the fishing equipment, as well as explain the process of tuna fishing is carried out by fishermen. Banda Island there are many shops selling various souvenirs, such as miniature ship in a bottle, woven bamboo picking tool nutmeg and replica objects from the Dutch and Portuguese. There are also some guest houses for rent to stay. To get to the location can be reached by ferry boat from Ambon city for one night.

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