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    Regional Museum of West Nusa Tenggara

    The museum is located approximately 7 km from downtown Mataram, exactly on Jl. Panji Tilar State, No. 6, South Ampenan District, West Nusa Tenggara Province. The museum is located in the heart of this Ampenan established on January 23, 1982 against the decision of the Minister of Education and Culture and endorsed by Dr. Daoed Joesoef. More than 7000 collections of historic items in it neat. Collection of basis elements of culture such as language, knowledge systems, social organization, systems, technology systems, livelihood systems, religious systems and the arts.
    At the front of the museum building, stood a building that is berugak sasak original, but with modern architecture.

    For those of you who are interested in tourism history and culture, do not miss to visit the Museum of West Nusa Tenggara. The main attraction of this place is worth going to collections-collections that are not only related to the Sasak culture (indigenous tribes of the island of Lombok), but also the surrounding tribes, such as Bali, Samawa and Mbojo (Sumbawa island residents).

    Building the museum is divided into two parts: the front room and exhibition rooms, each linked by a corridor. On the right wall of the corridor there are a few illustrative pictures of the Sasak culture like Gandrung, Rudat, plash, Puppet, and Jaran Kamput. Meanwhile on the right wall there are pictures of Melengke, Toja, Konya, Sak Eco, and Rebana Rea.
    Museum exhibition room itself is divided into two rooms, living rooms I and II. Exhibition space I save more ancient fossils such as fossil Stegodon, Paleokarbau, and hypothalamus. Fossil collections of rare woods like Rajumas, Cempaka, Lingsar, Bajur, Kepundung and Kelincung also located in this space.

    II exhibition space more displays artifacts relating to local culture. Various types of traditional clothes of the Sasak, Balinese, Mbojo, and Samawa are in this room. Ancient artifacts such as statues of Shiva Mahadeva (IX century sculpture), the tools used in ceremonial life cycle in everyday society (kettles, jugs, pondi, fan), as well as tools commonly used for the coronations of kings in the Sultanate of Bima, Kingdom of Sumbawa and Selaparang (gold fan) became its own value for this museum. In addition, this museum also stores the original manuscripts that show early language native island of Lombok. Among the manuscripts are stored in this museum are manuscripts Asta Dasta Parwa (Mahabharata), Takepan Kotoragam, Takepan Jatiswara, Book Katika, and knives Pang.

    If you come to the island of Lombok through the air, then you only need less than 15 minutes to get to the location of the museum from Selaparang Airport. However, for those who go through Terminal Mandalika, Cakra-city transportaton department Ampenan will deliver you up to the intersection Chrysanthemum, and then you can use Cidomo (typical transport Lombok) up to the museum. Travel approximately 30 minutes.

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    Regional Museum of West Nusa Tenggara Map

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